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C-Strands: Cambridge Public Art: Cambridge, MA 2014

C-Strands is a reconfigurable, interactive and community-driven play structure commissioned for the Cambridge City Hall Annex. People of all ages and backgrounds can re-shape the sculpture, collectively defining a community driven play environment. Each strand is made from a number of hollow-plastic units, connected along their axis then tethered together for flexibility and robustness. C-Strands leverages research on self-reconfiguration, protein folding and programmable materials to create a unique human-scale sculpture with near limitless geometric possibilities.

Self-Assembly Lab, MIT
Skylar Tibbits, Jared Laucks, Carrie McKnelly,
Graham Francis, Marianna Gonzalez, Noa Flaherty, Candace Chen

Commissioned by:
Cambridge Arts Council, Lillian Hsu

Fabrication by:
Design Formations, Bob Wilkie

A special thanks to Aranda/Lasch for their inspiration & collaboration throughout the project.